Dr Joel Joseph's Appeal of SP0137-14 (Guam Supreme Court CVA2016-005)


8 May 2013 Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) executes an administrative search warrant, issued by the Superior Court of Guam, on Wise Owl Animal Hospital
10 October 2014 Wise Owl files its Motion for Property Seized Pursuant to Search Warrant with the Superior Court of Guam and assigned Special Proceedings number SP0137-14
20 February 2015 Evidentiary hearing for SP0137-14, Judge Anita Sukola presiding (complete transcript).
6 July 2015 Judge Sukola issues SP0137-14 Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law (PDF) that finds that Dr Joel Joseph illegally imported controlled substances.
30 October 2015 Judge Sukola issues SP0137-14 Amended Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law.
19 November 2015 Government formally files its Motion for Entry of Judgment
31 November 2015 Dr Joel Joseph's Exhibit 2 of Items Not Returned. The second page is especially good: Who generates 51,000 vaccine reminders by hand from paper files?

Notably missing from his list is a Cobray M-11 9mm pistol, serial 89-00032, seized from a shelf in Dr Joseph's bedroom. It's a spectacularly inaccurate weapon, much more dangerous to bystanders than the intended target. The latest registration belongs to a "Edward J. Cruz" and not "Dr Joel Joseph". Curious that...

1 December 2015 The same list trimmed of pure nonsense by his attorney: Movant's List of Unreturned Items. It's still mostly fictional. What veterinary practice in the world keeps over a liter of ketamine in stock? In won't fit into Wise Owl's drug box.
8 January 2016 Declaration from Katherine B Duenas of DPHSS that systematically discounts the erroneous claims in the previous two lists. Wise Owl made no objection that the receipts were incomplete at the conclusion of the search warrant.
14 December 2015 The Court issues its Judgment, incorporating by reference its previously issued Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
23 December 2015 Dr Joseph files his Motion to Vacate Judgment
30 December 2015 Government files Reply on Motion to Vacate Judgment
5 January 2016 Dr Joseph files his Reply Memorandum in Support of its Motion to Vacate Judgment
7 January 2016 The Court vacates its previously entered Judgment and sets the matter for a hearing on the Government's Motion for Entry of Judgment.
5 February 2016 The Court hears oral arguments for the Government's Motion for Entry of Judgment
30 March 2016 Judge Sukola grants the Government's Motion for Entry of Judgment
20 July 2016 Dr Joseph files his Opening Brief for his appeal to Guam Supreme Court.
19 August 2016 Government files its Opposition Brief.
29 August 2016 Dr Joseph files his Reply Brief.
27 October 2016 Oral argument before the Guam Supreme Court. Each side was ordered to file supplemental briefs on three new issues due 15 November 2016.
15 November 2016 The Government's Supplemental Brief.
15 November 2016 Dr Joseph's Supplemental Brief.

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