Wise Owl Animal Hospital's AVMA Job Listing for Associate and Relief Veterinarians

Reading Between the Lines

For anyone considering employment at Wise Owl Animal Hospital with Dr Joel Joseph, the following critique of his AVMA job posting is offered as a Public Service. N.B., Only excerpts of the advertisement are included here for commentary and are manifestly exempt from copyright claims under the Fair Use Doctrine. Any infringement action will result in counter-suit and a motion for sanctions against counsel.

Hafa adai (Hello in Guam),

Pronounced roughly, "Half-a Day", just FYI.
Salary is up to $2,000 per week for qualified individuals. This is equivalent to $104,000 per year plus benefits; which include a paid annual return trip "home," a personal computer, medical insurance, car, CE allowance, and much more.
This is based on a schedule that would make Banfield envious. Besides appointments 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, there is the endless stream of walk-ins and drop-offs to complete your day.
Emergencies are optional and compensated at 50% of the collected fees.
No worries, you won't have to treat the torn-up pit bull terriers their police officer owners bring in after the staged fights. Dr Joel Joseph takes care of those cases himself. Yes, it's really that bad - a subset of the police participate in dog fighting and the rest go (unhappily or not) along with it. This is the same department that let the Blue House brothel scandal fester. Though only two officers were convicted of kidnapping and rape - a third pled guilty and agreed to testify against the other two - others certainly knew or suspected what was going on. From the news story: "Although the victims had provided descriptions and first names of the suspect officers, the police department never investigated the lead."
We use Abaxis and Idexx for outside lab services (via FedEx).
Guam being Guam, outside labs are only accessible Monday through Wednesday. Due to the International Date Line and distance, samples sent out on Thursday and Friday (no Saturday FedEx flights) will spend the weekend in a Memphis warehouse before being delivered to the lab.
The staff is highly trained. There are 22+ CVT's on staff.
A hugely misleading claim. Guam has no regulatory recognition of RVT's. The "certification" that Wise Owl claims is usually the completion of one or more on-line Hill's Nutrition courses about their products.
Six of them have certifications as Veterinary Dental Hygienists. Several are certified in nutritional counseling.
Again the question is, "Certified by who?". The only animal-related profession licensed by the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners are veterinarians. No other animal-related professions are licensed or regulated by the board.
This is NOT 3rd world shoot from the hip medicine - unless it is needed - lol.
Actual truth here. See how Dr Joel Joseph put an entire OR staff at risk of M. bovis infection by the open drainage of elbow hygromas in a young male lion during surgery.
We have consistently been amongst the largest groups attending (air fare & registration paid by Wise Owl) the World Small Animal Conferences (WSAVA)
Everyone should be asking themselves how a 1.5 doctor practice on a small Pacific island, where 1 in every 3.4 residents receives food stamps, can afford to send 10+ people to a distant conference every single year.
Remember, Guam is still a part of the USA, and all the protections of law and benefits of being in America apply here.
If only those same laws would allow Guam to rid itself of a veterinarian that's a proven danger to his patients and the people of Guam. The evidence of that assertion is the reason for this website.
Employer will assist with relocation costs. [...] We pay travel, lodging, and licensure expenses.
Do make sure that all large expenses are paid for up-front. DO NOT rely on contracts and promises.
Quarantine facility, grooming, and boarding services.
Well, two out of three are true. Wise Owl has tried for years to have their second-floor boarding facility in a converted residence licensed as a Commercial Quarantine Facility (CQF). That it manifestly fails to meet the basic requirements of a standalone building with a 8' perimeter fence hasn't stopped Dr Joel Joseph from trying.


Anyone considering a long-distance jump to another practice, be it across the state, country, or ocean, should do appropriate due diligence first. Don't take any single source as The Truth. The single best piece of advice I learned as a nurse was to ask for the names and contact information of two or more previous employees that had held the same position I was applying for. Talking to them and listening closely to what was said as well as to what wasn't generally told me everything I needed to know.

Good Luck!

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