Dr Joel Joseph and Wise Owl Animal Hospital - Conclusions and What To Do

Conclusions and What To Do

Wise Owl Animal Hospital serves a large clientele that the other clinics on this island would be ill-equipped to take on should it close. In an ideal world Dr Joel Joseph would realize that he's no longer able to practice competent medicine, retire, and sell the practice to a person or corporation. The new owners would discard Wise Owl Animal Care's regressive and punitive financial policies, implement quality controls throughout the organization, and promote the highest standard of care with transparency.

With Dr Joseph out of the picture, all the other veterinary practices on the island would no longer see the need to practice defensive medicine. It's a reach, but we might even see the beginning of collegial cooperation instead of the mutual suspicion that dominates the profession now.

If Dr Joseph refuses to leave on his own, then I see no choice but to continue the drive to strip him of his license. Anyone who believes they have received less than competent care is encouraged to take advantage of Wise Owl Animal Care's open records policy before filing a complaint. Afterwards there's no guarantee as to what your pet's medical record could be transformed into.

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