Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 13:46:42 -0700
Subject: info for you on Schiff (Dr Joel Joseph of Wise Owl Animal Care clinic)

To: Attorney General, Guam
Date: July 3rd, 2006
From: Barry Cox USDA liF.# 97-C-0002 CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT

To whom it may concern;

The following is to be filed on Dr Joseph Schiff, DVM aka Dr Joel Joseph, a local veterinarian practicing on the Island of Guam in the village of Tamuning.

This information is true, and factual, and shall be filed equally with the Attorney General's Office on Guam, the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners, the US Attorney's Office in care of Leonard Rapadas, Director of the Department of Agriculture, Paul Bassler, the Territorial Veterinarian, Dr Poole, DVM, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture, Jose Torres, and the office of the Governor.

Dr Joel Joseph, DVM, also known as Dr Joel Joseph, DVM:

Operated an illegal clinic at his house in Chalon Pago for two years without a legal DEA license and a Guam business license, without a Sanitary permit issued by Public Health and without proper sanitary facilities to perform surgery, administer proper bloodwork or proper anesthesia. This carport area was without proper ventilation and autoclave for sterilizing instruments.

He opened a clinic at Southern Comfort Ranch without a Guam license to do so, without a Sanitary permit, and without the benefit of a legal DEA license. He informed the owners that he was only going to do veterinary work when needed on Zoo animals, licensed under the owners, under their federal license and was deemed the attending veterinarian "only" for the facility.

He was caught by the licensee's trading drugs for services with many clients, and was observed taking over one pound of marijuana from a local client for services rendered at the clinic. He was asked to remove his clinic from the facility at this time. Under police escort, Dr Schiff removed his personal belongings, files and all medicines and such from the premises. His stainless steel cages were left in the office as he built them into the walls and they became part of the real estate at this point, due to the lease agreement with Jesus Garrido, property owner, and they were not able to be removed by the lessees. During his removal from our facility, he illegally took our files for USDA on the current animals held in our collection, which is a violation of our license. He then proceeded to call USDA, Hawaii, and stated we had no records on file, causing a fine to be implemented.

Dr Schiff used his connection to Betsy Lyons, the USDA inspector from Hawaii (they were alumni from Michigan State University) to seek to have us lose our license by filling false reports of abandonment, mistreatment, and abuse.

Dr Schiff performed many surgeries such as tail docking, ear-cropping, spay and neuter, and many other surgeries without benefit of anesthesia on many personal pets of clients at our facility. He was unable to afford the proper anesthesia due to his inability to pay his bills with distributors and having no valid DEA license. Thusly putting animals at risk, violating a code of ethics, and causing pain and suffering needlessly. He performed many surgeries with only gas, and many animals were observed moving and showing pain and discomfort during surgery.

The owners of Southern Comfort Ranch had to supply the hospital grade oxygen tanks for Dr Schiff, due to his lack of money and inability to "set up" the clinic properly. To date the owners, who have filed theft charges on Dr Schiff, have never been able to retrieve these tanks, or the large deposit monies expended to procure the tanks. They are still in Dr Schiff's possession, and he falsified documents to Island Equipment and signed the names of the owners of Southern Comfort Ranch. Theft charges were filed to GPD and nothing has been done to return these tanks.

Dr Schiff did not provide proper bloodwork analysis on animals, took blood and packaged it for the Honolulu Lab, but did not send it off due to his inability to pay his existing bills with the Lab located in Hawaii. Clients were billed for this procedure although their animals did not receive the benefit of proper bloodwork and he performed surgery without benefit of bloodwork. Blood samples were held in a backroom and were destroyed later.

Dr Schiff was allowed to draw blood samples for the horses at Southern Comfort Ranch, to try and determine what was causing the herd to be ill. Dr Schiff, due to his hatred for the Director of Agriculture, Paul Bassler, was trying to take charge of these samples prior to our sending them to the proper testing labs through USDA. Dr Schiff wanted the bloodwork to become tainted, thusly causing the Director to be held responsible for allowing a herd of horses to be transported from Tinian without proper protocol, and wanted to PROVE Paul Bassler was unable to protect the Island or perform his duties as the Director. Dr Schiff was NOT allowed to have the blood samples and had to be watched at all times while this procedure was being done. A veterinarian from Department of Agriculture did bloodwork also, and Dr Schiff proceeded to discount this veterinarian, try to get her hurt by one of the horses, and continually badgered her while she was performing her duties.

Dr Schiff under the Alias of "Joe Cruz" from Umatac, wrote many, many letters to Senators, the Governor, and many others to include individuals from the States, charging Paul Bassler with incompetence, deceit, dereliction of duty and many other false charges. He stated many times through letters and correspondence to Senator Rory Respicio, asking to have Paul Bassler removed from his position, especially after it became apparent that Dr Schiff would NOT be considered for the Territorial Veterinarian Position.

Dr Schiff set out to destroy the Spay and Neuter clinic established by GAIN, and sent out many letters to Veterinary Associations, stating that Guam was NOT rabies free, and that the travelling Doctors' possessed no licenses to perform these duties on Guam.

Dr Schiff began to file false charges with the Allied Board of Health concerning Dr Harper, Dr Diaz, and Dr Ehdlund. He filed reports with the FAA against Dr Ehdlund stating he was a "morephine" user and should have his pilot's license removed. He filed against Dr Rebecca Diaz, stating she was falsifying rabies vaccination forms, using outdated serum, and notified the CDC that Guam should have their "Rabies Free" status revoked. He equally contacted the USDA several times trying to have Paul Bassler's office investigated, and Dr Diaz's and Dr Harper's office.

Dr Schiff is a known drug user and dealer, and this is known by the Guam Police Department. Dr Schiff has been red-flagged by the Guam Airport Authority and is searched coming from Phonpei. He is known to use his "Doctor" status to avoid detection. He had a death threat on him from Phonpei and was held under protection several times in the Phonpei Airport.

He is known by many of the locals in the community and the Guam Police Department to offer services "after-hours" on pit-bulls that are involved in the illegal fighting that goes on in Guam. He has used his knowledge of the involvement by the Guam Police Department in this illegal fighting venue, to gain support from the local police department and thusly avoid having some of his charges filed, come to fruition.

He has filed false police reports to the Agana Precinct claiming assault from the Ogo family. He entered their home and building illegally and changed the locks on their home while they were away, and took goods from their home. He tried to file a lawsuit on them for their building and tried unsuccessfully to have Land Management "take" the building, citing drugs were being sold at their residence. He tried unsuccessfully to leave drug paraphernalia in their home for the police to find. All of this due to their not wanting him to lease the bottom-half of their building.

Through his incompetence at our Zoo facility, he is directly responsible for the deaths of over 11 animals. Through his mis-diagnosis, administration of improper drugs incompatible with exotics, and improper surgery techniques. He directly caused the death of one male African Lion demanding a needless surgery, and video-taped this surgery proving his own incompetence. He then filed a report stating that the veterinarian from the Air Force Base caused this animal's demise. Dr Schiff left the animal under full anesthesia, unattended, and left the property allowing this animal to die without monitoring his recovery from extensive surgery.

Dr Schiff was observed by Anderson Air Force base stealing supplies from their newly established veterinarian clinic on base, while he was a contracted civilian hire. They subsequently had him removed from their roster of civilian veterinarians. He was caught preforming tail docking and ear-croppings on a military site, and was removed for his unethical practices.

Dr Schiff purchases his drugs for his clinic from a retailer located in Tumon, which is an "EXPORT ONLY" outlet. He uses these drugs for distribution to his clients on Guam knowing they cannot be for re-sale on Guam. He uses his practice in Phonpei to purchase these drugs, signs an export release, and takes them to his clinic on Guam.

He is known to "doctor" health certificates and to not spay and neuter animals that are adopted from GAIN. This is a clear violation of the adoption process, and a violation as a veterinarian.

Dr Schiff posted overcharges to the Department of Agriculture for services he stated he performed on local clients. He had local participants sign for services that were either never rendered, or triple billed.

Dr Schiff tried unsuccessfully to have Paul Bassler's wife charged by USDA for exhibiting her tropical birds without a Class C Exhibitors license. He equally notified Revenue and Tax that Paul Bassler did not pay taxes on Guam, and filed the same report on Paul's wife.

He charged Dr Velma Harper with operating an illegal quarantine site, tried to violate Guam Law by entering her quarantine facility and removing quarantined animals. He did this by notifying clients that had their animals transported to Guam (usually Military), and citing Dr Harpers facility as inadequate, and charging her with transporting animals from the airport to her Clinic. He tried unsuccessfully to have her quarantine license removed through Senators, and through the Military, eventually causing the military to build their own quarantine center. He filed hundreds of reports to all Military installations about the "unsafe" practices of Dr Harper's quarantine, and stated the animals held in quarantine were subject to rats and feces and improper caging. He did this repeatedly to Dr Harper after she had him removed from her clinic.

He has a report filed on him which is of Public record, by Dr Diaz, stating he tried to procure drugs at her clinic through her employees. He then went after her after she had him dismissed from her clinic.

He tried unsuccessfully to have Attorney David Lujan investigated by stating he was illegally bringing in birds from the Philippines, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. Expecting to cause Guam to be held on "alert" by the CDC for bird flu, and causing Guam to be banned to and from shipments into Hawaii, causing a problem with the military. He did all of these things after his rejection from the Territorial Veterinarian position on Guam, and his removal by the Lujans as their veterinarian for their bird collection.

Dr Schiff had a small claims suit filed in court while the owners of Southern Comfort Ranch were off-island, had the date of appearance changed, and caused a default. He subsequently came to the premises and removed items that were part of the structure, and became involved with AJ Balajadia with the illegal removal of leopards at our facility. He illegally sedated one black leopard, left her laying in the sun while he attempted to sedate the spotted leopard. He was unsuccessful in doing this and left the property only to see that the black leopard was now in distress. He returned with AJ Balajadia, and tried to sedate the leopard again, ended up administering the drug orally by squirting the solution into his mouth, and then left the premises while this leopard was showing signs of sedation. He showed a blatant disregard for the health and welfare of this animal. This leopard could have drowned in it's pool, or fallen from a perch area. Dr Schiff had NO authority to administer ANY drugs to animals held at this licensed facility. Only a veterinarian who is assigned through the proper paperwork by USDA OR the State or Territorial Veterinarian can administer drugs to licensed Zoo animals.

Dr Schiff was involved with the removal of a federally licensed zoo animal July 2nd, 2006, with AJ Balajadia, and was charged once again with trespassing by the owner of the property, Jesus Garrido.

Dr Schiff is known to have facilitated the help from a Marshall at the court division on Guam, named Tanya Taitano, who is a girlfriend and live-in partner of AJ Balajadia, and utilized her position to perform an illegal service of court paper on Barry Cox who was known to be off-island. Equally he mastered having the court date changed from the original August 8th, to June 27th, knowing Barry Cox would not be there to appear.

Dr Schiff has been charged with the following crimes, and has to appear in court for them, but the court dates seem undetermined for some reason and some are on the docket in the year 2008??:

  1. Breaking and entering with damage 2005
  2. Burglary 2005
  3. Trespassing 2005- 2006
  4. Theft
  5. Assault and racial profiling
  6. Falsifying a police report
  7. Illegally taping a conversation with Major Reyes GPD
  8. Theft and the removal of a federally licensed animal (pending)
  9. Administering drugs to an animal that he is not authorized to handle (pending)
Dr Schiff has a sordid past, and immediately changed his name once on Guam. It is reported that he had similar ethical issues as a practicing veterinarian in the State of Michigan. He has had his two children removed from his authority, and one of them has been charged repeatedly with crimes such as drug distribution and drug possession. One of his boys has been in and out of DYA recently, and was in the charge of a foster care program.

This unethical man needs to have his veterinary license suspended and revoked on Guam, and needs to be held to the high standards we expect Doctors' to be held to on Guam. Dr Schiff has a vengeful personality as witnessed by many that have crossed him. US Attorney Karon Johnson is equally on his list, and he has set out to try and destroy her credibility and the credibility of GAIN. Everyone who has crossed this man has reaped what he can sow, ten-fold. We will seek every method to have him removed as a veterinarian in Guam. We ask for your support and we ask you to conduct a full investigation of Dr Schiff, Tanya Taitano and AJ Balajadia, and Sgt. Paulino who was directly involved with the recent theft of zoo animals at Southern Comfort Ranch.

Barry Cox
Southern Comfort Ranch and ZooVenture PO Box 4451
Agana, Guam 96932
Ph: 828-8505