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AUGUST 30, 2006


My association with Dr Joel Schiff (Joel Joseph) began in July of 2001. He came to Guam for an interview and appeared to be a genuine compassionate veterinarian.

He came to the island in late in 2001 and began working at my clinic part time.

It did not take long before I began to have serious concerns regarding his character and competence.

Concerns :

When I called him at home several times he asked me what day it was. He was being called because he was either late to the office or to an appointment.

He had a seizure while performing surgery and one of my office staff had to close the surgical site. Fortunately, only the skin was left.

I began to hear from my staff that he was asking to purchase drugs from them. Marijuana primarily. When I confronted him he told me it was none of my business, and I told him it was if it involved the employees or I even knew about it.

He had a couple of animals die after he performed surgery. Later I was to find out that he had incorrectly attempted particular procedures in a manner unlikely to be considered the correct process for the procedure. His comment when I would try to discuss it with him was that shit rolled uphill and it was my fault the animals died. Even though he had 15 years more experience than me, it was my fault by virtue of owning the clinic where he worked.

Supplies started to turn up missing. I believe he was stealing from me. I had to discuss sexual harassment with him several times. The staff complained about his behavior and comments to them. He announced to us all one day he had contracted a disease from a toilet seat. I was floored he was talking in front of the whole staff and also amazed that he would say he got a disease in a manner inconsistent with medical research.

in May/June 2002 Dr Schiff was informed that his services would no longer be needed at my clinic. He had been off-island for a week and the problems between him, my clients and staff was appalling. I was told he had accepted a job with Dr Edhlund.

At the time he was released, he refused to leave the office and it was necessary to call the police before he would leave the property. He attempted to have my husband arrested by standing up, putting his hands in the air, backing into Gus and screaming don't hit me.

Needless to say, our parting was less than cordial.

[Second-hand reporting redacted]

Dr Joseph has verbally threatened my life.

it is difficult for me to express the level of concern I have regarding Dr Joel Joseph, his behavior, and his medical practices as I obviously am not an unbiased observer.

Dr Rebecca Diaz
Isla Veterinary Clinic