Alicia G. Limtiaco
Attorney General
Guam Seal J. Patrick Mason
Deputy Attorney General
Civil Division


February 6, 2008

Mitchell F. Thompson, Esq.
Maher & Thompson, P.C.
140 Aspinall Avenue, Suite 201
Hagta, Guam 96910

Re: Dr Joseph ad in the Pacific Daily News, NOTICE OF VIOLATION

Dear Mitch:

This notice is sent to you in your capacity as the attorney for Dr Joel Joseph. If you will not, or can not, accept it on his behalf, kindly promptly so inform me.

The attached ad of Dr Joseph's that appeared in the Pacific Daily News on several dates in the last few months was discussed at the February 1, 2008 monthly meeting of the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners. All of the veterinarians on island deny, and maintain it is false and libelous, that any of them improperly re-uses needles, syringes, scalpels, suture & surgical drapes, or improperly reuses surgical packs on more than one patient; or sells outdated drugs, or dilutes drugs.

The Board determined that the ad is in violation of 10 GCA 12816(b)(1), which prohibits advertisements that include false, misleading, or deceptive statements.

Pursuant to 10 GCA 12817, the Board hereby notifies Dr Joseph that he has thirty (30) days to correct the violation, or else disciplinary charges will be filed.

Thank you.

Assistant Attorney General
Attorney for the Allied Health Board