Partial transcript from the 22 May 2013 SP0001-13 hearing


Q: Asst AG Ben Abrams
A: Dr Joel Joseph
MT: Atty Mitch Thompson
Judge: Judge Vernon Perez

Q And under that it says "Provider". And I'm reading it says, "Sir Dr. Joel Joseph, DVM, DS, BS. What does "sir" mean?
A It's a peerage title.
Q What is that?
A It's a peerage title.
Q What do you mean by a peerage title?
A That is exactly what it is, sir.
Q Define that for me.
MT: Objection, Your Honor --
A: I just did.
MT: I'm sorry, Dr Joseph. This really is a waste of time. Whether he calls himself "sir" or not has nothing to do with any of the issues in this case. Let's move on.
Q: Well, it has to do with the character of this man in the way he fills out his reports. I think it's a legitimate question. He put it there. I want to know why. This is his exhibit.
Judge: And the response is given. Was it not?
Q: I don't think he's defined what peerage means.
MT: Your Honor --
Q: What does it mean to you?
MT: Again Your Honor, it's just a waste of everybody's time. We can get a dictionary, if Mr. Abrams -- I'll be happy to lend him my dictionary if he needs to understand --
Q: I'm not -- no, I want to know --
MT: -- the definition of peerages.
Q: -- what it is to this witness
Judge: All right. I'll --
Q: I can look it up in the dictionary. I have my own -- I --
Judge: The response was given. I'll allow the next question. Go ahead.
Q: What does it mean to you, Dr. Joseph? Peerage; what is it?
A: It is a decorum when you become a knighthood. Being knighted.
Q: This appellation, did you give it to yourself or did somebody else give it to you?
A: I was given "sir" by I believe a Prince Michael.
Q: Who?
A: Prince Michael.
Q: Prince Michael?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: Who is Prince Michael?
A: He's the prince of Sealand, sir.
Q: Prince of where -- who?
A: Sealand.
Q: Sea Land?
A: No, sir. Sealand.
Q: Prince of Sealand. Is Sealand a country?
A: Yes, sir.
Q: And where is that found?
A: It's in the North Sea.
Q: Sealand. So, he gave you the nobility title "Sir Joe Joseph". What year was that?
A: I honestly don't remember. But the title of knighthood was bestowed on me by a group of people in the FSM, most notably a Danish gentleman by the name of Thomas Hanson; and he has given to me [for] all the wonderful [work] I'd done out on the islands. And since Sealand is an island nation, they elected to give me that title from Sealand and that peerage and the privilege of giving out that title. And Thomas Hanson, on his deathbed, he requested that - five years, I put that in front of my name. And I have honored that they did to me - (speaks in an emotional, shaky voice) -- and I really do object to you cheapening it. I'm sorry. Excuse me.
MT: May I have a Kleenex and some --
Judge: Some water.
MT: -- water please, sir?
Judge: On the way.
Q: This title would be -- excuse me.
Judge: Take a break.
Q: Okay. Shall we take a five-minute recess to allow the witness to regain his composure?

The line of questioning was not resumed after the break.