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What Is This Site About?

(For information about Joel Joseph, aka Joel Newbreed, musician and photographer from Hyderbad, India, go to his web site at www.JoelJoseph.com.)

Dr Joel Joseph, DVM, formerly known as (fka) as Dr Joel Schiff, DVM and owner of Wise Owl Animal Hospital, has been a fixture in Guam news since he opened his own practice. Never shy about seeking publicity, he uses the media to shape a narrative of the little guy beset on all sides by the forces of corruption and conspiracy. Over and over he stands in front of cameras declaring, "Do the people of Guam deserve this?" when the real question is, do the people of Guam deserve Dr Joseph? Dr Joel Joseph's pattern of dishonesty and obfuscation is part and parcel of who he is. As one tired observer noted, "He'll tell a lie even when the truth would serve him better."

What this web site seeks to do is offer a more complete and nuanced version of the Dr Joseph story based on public records of all kinds. Up to now most of these documents have been hard-copy only and not available on-line. Most of these have now been scanned and converted to searchable HTML with (PDF) links to the original files. Many links are to original articles on the The Guam Daily Post (previously The Marianas Variety) web site. They have a 5 free articles per month limit that can be bypassed either by opening a incognito window in Chrome or a private window in Mozilla Firefox.

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Why This Effort?

Every veterinarian takes an oath upon entering the profession:
Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

Dr Joel Joseph's history on Guam is an ongoing contradiction to the oath he took, moreso since opening Wise Owl Animal Hospital (aka Wise Owl Animal Care). His competence, professionalism, and ethics have all decreased over time, not increased. That he continues to practice despite amply documented lapses in those areas shows his lack of committment to the oath's core values.

Another important reason for this site is to alert job seekers - full-time associate veterinarians, relief veterinarians, technicians, etc - to the nature and character of Wise Owl Animal Hospital management.

So Why Do So Many People Believe Him?

Like most professions, a basically smart person could do 80% of what a veterinarian does with six months of vocational-style classes. A rule learned early on in any health profession training is that, "Common things occur commonly". The remaining 20% matters when your pet requires surgery, has an uncommon medical issue, or a subtle combination of issues. That's when the other four-plus years of education and disciplining the mind matter.

A great bedside manner enables a veterinarian from the bottom of his class greater financial success than the less glib (but more driven and dedicated) class leaders. Dr Joseph talks a great deal, is very personable, but fails to own up to his limitations. Because of that, too many animals have suffered needlessly from his incompetence and negligence.

The final factor is that people have short memories and a bias against government, even when that government is working in their best interests. Though the court's have enjoined the Board's license suspension orders, it's never been on grounds that he was innocent of the charges. A casual reading of the succesive Board Orders documents ample evidence of his incompetence. In his media appearances Dr Joseph always seeks to spin procedural victories in court into exoneration of the Board findings. By and large he succeeds due to public distrust of GovGuam and poor PR by the Board. The media loves an underdog as much as the people do. The print media in particular have done a spectacularly poor job of investigating the issues and serve more as a news release mouthpiece for Wise Owl Animal Hospital.

So What?

Every Wise Owl Animal Hospital client should read what's stamped into their pet's medical record at the start of each and every visit that they initial their acceptance of (grammar corrected for readability):
I hereby authorize Wise Owl to perform any necessary care, treatment, etc. I understand the rates are discounted at 80% off and, if not paid in full at the time of visit, discounts will not be applied. I AGREE to pay for the charges incurred while my animal(s) is/are in their care. In the event, for whatever reason, that this bill becomes uncollectable, I agree to pay any fees incurred from the collection of said bill, including, but not limited to, attorney's fees and court charges.
By accepting this every client accedes to any and all treatments that Wise Owl Animal Hospital sees fit to render. Should the client have a problem with this, Wise Owl Animal Hospital will (and has!) taken clients to Small Claims for FIVE times the original invoice (that 80% discount thing). If Wise Owl should sue you, a defensive plan has been written.

Everyone should wonder how Dr Joel Joseph's two veterinarian practice - with associate, Genevieve Weaver, DVM (Genevieve Rosalie Vega Weaver) - can afford to take himself and 12 staff members every year to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress. This year it was in Bangkok, Thailand. Previous years: Capetown, South Africa; Auckland, New Zealand.

Previously I ignored Dr Weaver. However her length of employment with Wise Owl, joint ownership of the new Wise Owl facility with Dr Joel Joseph, and disciplinary actions against her while an Army veterinarian, makes her a kindred spirit to Dr Joseph's practice philosophy. Dr Joseph's survival strategy for when he loses his license is to make Dr Genevieve Weaver the managing doctor. That allows Wise Owl to stay open while he continues to practice on the QT to patch up dogs injured in staged dog fights, etc.

It's an open question whether she'll continue Dr Joseph's practice of ordering and diverting anabolic steroids, ketamine, Adderall, etc.

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Comments about - and additions to - this web site can be addressed to WiseOwlBeWarned@gmail.com. Copies of medical records showing questionable and/or incompetent care will be reviewed by a state-side veterinarian. S/he will offer their opinion of whether they should be forwarded to the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners as part of a complaint.